Saint Helena Optometry – Sponsor Spotlight

Saint Helena Optometry owner and Napa Valley Cricket Cub sponsor Matt Hilleman took some time out recently to have a chat and answer some questions for us.

IMG_1918Matt graduated from UC Berkeley School of Optometry in 2002 with a Doctorate of Optometry after graduating from University of San Diego in 1997 with a BA in Chemistry.  After graduating from Berkeley he started working at St. Helena Optometry (then the office of Charles H Bailey, OD, FAAO) and bought the business in 2004. Through 2004 and 2005, Dr. Bailey stayed on and worked one day a week.  Since January of 2006 Matt has been the sole owner / doctor.

Matt moved to St. Helena in August 2003.  Aside from a short 9 month stint in Yountville and a 6 month stint in Middletown, he has resided in St. Helena the entire time.  Matt met my wife, Sara, in 2009 and was married in 2011.  Matt and Sara are kept busy with Matt’s 11 year old son, Andrew, and Sara’s two son’s aged 22 and 20, Brandon and Devin.

Matt enjoys living in the Napa Valley for many reasons.  He grew up in the reasonably small town of Turlock, CA, and watched his dad know someone everywhere we went.  Well, St. Helena is much smaller and, as you can imagine, it’s rare that he doesn’t IMG_1915know someone when he’s out in town. Additionally, he lives close enough to walk to work, something else that was a big part of his adolescent years as he lived within a half mile of both his junior high in 8th grade and all through his time at high school.  Not having to commute is a big part of why they live in St. Helena.  “Additionally, how can you beat it,” says Matt “when people come from all over the world to visit where we live.”

Matt has been a sponsor of sponsorship of the NVCC since it’s early days getting roped in by Timmy Irwin.  While Matt has never played cricket, he finds the game quite fascinating.  The community element of the Saint Helena Optometry is very local sports focused.  In addition to the NVCC, Matt is a founding sponsor of the Napa Stormers, the youth rugby program here in the Napa Valley.  He also sponsor a St. Helena Little League Team, the Jaguars, and he is also a banner sponsor for the Boys and Girls Club basketball program.  “The NVCC sponsorship just makes sense” he says “I have a few friends that play and are involved with the program and there are quite a few of the members that live upvalley.”

IMG_1920As a sponsor Saint Helena Optometry extends a 20% discount* to NVCC members.  *This offer cannot be used with anything involving insurance.

You can find Saint Helena Optometry at 1104 Adams Street Ste. 101, St. HelenaCA 94574 and you can reach them by phone at (707) 963-7923.

They’re also on Facebook here.